01 June 2014

Me Made May week 5 - completion!

And it couldn't come soon enough.

I love my handmade wardrobe, but BOY! I am tired of it. To the point that I missed some pictures this week.

Day 26 - No photo. Worked around the house and wore my first Datura.

Day 27 - (unblogged) Cambie #2 again. I was more excited about it than I seem here. It is so comfortable!

Day 28 - again no photo but Ladybug Datura was worn. 

Day 29 - no photo - Movies in the Park shorts, worn to pick up some really cute fabric. More camo, inteded for the Grainline Studio Maritime shorts. Skeletons for a cute summer dress (they from the JoAnn's Halloween section. But seriously, how cute are they? They remind me of the dancing skeletons from the Merrie Melodies cartoon that was always shown on the Disney Halloween special.) The leopard print is for Simplicity 1884. Which I have mostly done, and I think is going to be a wadder. 

Day 30 - Movies in the Park shorts. 

Day 31 - Cambie #2 again! I really need to make another Rainbow-type dress because having two is not cutting it. I had plans to use the white fabric above to make a second dress for both Rainbow and Daughters of Scotia, that would be reversible. Well, I washed it and it did a weird bubbly thing. Since I'm not an iron-er, it has been relegated to the lining. Now I've got to get some fashion fabric for it. I'm thinking eyelet. How sweet would that be? I'm looking for eyelet that is plainer on one edge and most of the embroidery is on the other (if that makes sense). Anyway, here is Day 31's photo-, featuring a stuffed dove. 

I really enjoyed Me Made May, and will have a better time next year when I have a bigger me-made wardrobe! It's really shown me that I knit a lot and don't really produce wearable things, socks aside. (I do also have a huge carpet beetle problem and have had to get rid of a lot of things that have been eaten. They're impossible here. I have to keep EVERYTHING with wool in its own sealed plastic bag. They got inside a Rubbermaid plastic tote/box and ate a ton of my stash and FOs. They really love wool that isn't superwash. Patons Classic must be carpet beetle caviar. It's good that I live in CA and can wear lots of cotton knits, because that's what I'm going to have to do in the future.) 

The best part about Me Made May is that it showed me what I wear a lot and what I don't, and that really helps to consider going forward. For example, less novelty, more everyday. (I could wear a Datura every day but the shamrock Cambie and Addams Family-inspired dress? Yeah no.) There's no point in putting the hours into a project that's going to languish in the closet! 

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