25 May 2012

Trying my own hand at YDKJ.

OPI Gelcolor 'You Don't Know Jacques'

This is my go at OPI Gelcolor 'You Don't Know Jacques' and I must say that I am happier with it than I was for the version I paid for at a salon. It isn't the best I've done with gel so far, and it seems a little more watery than other brands/colors, but I love seeing it on my nails.

23 May 2012

Gel swatches so far!

gel swatches

gel swatches

1. Red Carpet Manicure 'Midnight Affair'
2. RCM ' Plum Up The Volume'
3. SensatioNail 'Taupe Tulips'
4. SensatioNail 'Raspberry Wine'
5. SensatioNail 'Sugar Plum'

Silly me, I forgot to swatch the ProGel gold glitter and You Don't Know Jacques! This is the beginning of my gel collection. No new additions ... yet!

21 May 2012

SensatioNail 'Sugar Plum'

SensatioNail 'Sugar Plum' by TartanHearts
SensatioNail 'Sugar Plum', a photo by TartanHearts on Flickr.
That's not a chip in my middle finger. I actually took a chunk out of the nail itself. When I first looked, I thought it was a chip and was pissed! It was day two, and I could not believe that GEL would chip that quickly. Thankfully, it hadn't!

This is a pretty typical color. Typical fuchsia. Nothing crazy or out of the ordinary about it. It's the kind of thing I would have spiced up with glitter or stamping if I had not had a fairly busy week!

04 May 2012

SensatioNail 'Taupe Tulips'

SensatioNail 'Taupe Tulips'

My first 100% SensatioNail mani. I'm really enjoying not having to worry about chipping, with the gel. The boringness of this particular mani was due to having a dance competition last Sunday, during which I was not supposed to be wearing nail polish. We all know that isn't going to happen! Plus, I've seen roughly 48391 girls compete with fakey French tips, so what the hell. 

Also, this competition was the first time wearing my new Aboyne outfit. Here it is!  new aboyne 2 new aboyne

I'm so in love! It's Dress Blue Muted Stewart tartan with a chocolate brown vest. This competition I did better than I ever have in competition, and everyone keeps saying it's the new outfit. If it is lucky, let's hope the luck doesn't run out!