18 June 2014

FO: Movies in the Park shorts by Dixie DIY

So far, I've posted and made a lot of dresses. 

The problem with that is I normally wear dresses about once a month (outside Rainbow or dance).

So my other mission is to make things that go with what I do wear everyday: jeans and band shirts.

Enter this camo fabric from JoAnn's and the Movies in the Park shorts pattern.

This was a pattern that I found in the morning, ran to the fabric store in the afternoon, and was wearing the next day.

I'd never worked with bias tape before, and I hadn't done a buttonhole on a machine since Fashion Studio in high school. So this was a skill-builder for me. I learned that bias tape is fantastic and I love it! (This was what inspired me to put bias tape on the Tattoo dress!)  

There were a couple of weird things about the pattern: no notches to line up the waistband despite them being mentioned in the directions and no bottom line. I'm not sure whether or not that was so you could lengthen the shorts, but it was weird to have to break out my ruler and draw it on. I also have an ample bottom, and could definitely use more room for it in these shorts. I didn't know much about crotch seams when I made them. (I'm doing research, and my next pair of shorts will probably be Thurlow.) 

Despite being a little fiddly to get on and off (because you gotta unbutton), I love these shorts and wear them at least once a week. Usually with a band shirt.  

*nothing to disclose

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