19 June 2014

Nevada City Craft Fair afterpost

Sunday, June 8th I did my first real craft fair! It was the Nevada City Craft Fair at the Miners Foundry in Nevada City, CA.

I spent a good part of the day talking to a couple of ladies who sell silk scarves and who had done craft fairs for a long time but have still never made an etsy sale. I am from the complete opposite camp! I have so little in-person selling experience and so much to learn! It was a fairly slow day, mostly due to being over 100° out (and no AC!) so it gave us vendors a great chance to chat and compare notes. There was a lot of neat stuff there and if you are a Northern California person, I recommend checking out their next craft fair which will be sometime in December. I was so tired (it was a long weekend full of baby showers, graduation parties, and driving) that I didn't get photos of the rest of the vendors like I said I would. I was inspired by this post written by Melissa of Scavenger Hunt, but too tired/hot to actually do this myself. :(

I can never tell what the big seller of the day will be, and this day it was bracelets. Which makes sense, because they're good hot weather pieces.

Long story short: although it was a slow day, it was a successful one. I learned a lot about table displays, although I think I learn something different every time I bring my jewelry out. I got to use my fantastic necklace stands that I made after finding a similar thing on pinterest:

They cost about $25 to make (pipe is expensive) but are really durable and help keep things from tangling. I could use about ten, really! 

I am so thankful to be done with this and have nothing big scheduled for a month or so. It's strange to not have a huge to-do list. I am caught up on orders for the first time since the Woodland Games in April, or possibly before. It's a great feeling! I finally have time to add new things to the shop now. (And sew, of course!) 

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  1. Love the pipe display! I've been wanting to go to the Nevada City Craft Fair, but haven't made it yet. Hoping to make the December one.