21 June 2012

RCM 'Who Are You Wearing'

RCM 'Who Are You Wearing'

I love glitter as much as the next girl, possibly more, but after the last couple of super glittertastic crazy manis, I was pretty excited to put something simple on my nails. I own a TON of blues/aquas/teals in this color range because I LOVE THEM!

This is three coats of Red Carpet Manicure's 'Who Are You Wearing' from the new Neon collection. (Which, if you're into gel and into neons in the least, you need to check out!) It's a little more yellow (teal) in real life, although the swatch on my nail wheel looks just like the bottle. (I assume this is due to my skin tone and nail actually showing through.) I'd call it a darkened sky blue. This color is very jelly-like, and totally squishy-looking. It looks more see-through here than it actually is, and I'm not sure why it looks like my nails are dirty. They aren't!

I'm starting to formulate a plan for my Fourth of July mani! Everything's up in the air at this point, but I'm really excited for it. (This was one of last year's.) It's my favorite holiday for nail polish! Do you have any plans for a special July 4th mani? I'd love to hear about them if you do.

17 June 2012

China Glaze 'Optical Illusion'

Via Flickr:
this mani was:
one coat Gelish base coat
two coats RCM 'Midnight Affair'
two coats China Glaze 'Optical Illusion'
two coats Gelish top coat

more sandwiching gel and regular polish. 'Midnight Affair' was the only blue gel I had, so I used it even though it was WAY too dark. Didn't show through, through. There was a little bit of a hot pink duochrome with this polish. I couldn't capture it in any of my pictures.

This is a polish I probably won't wear much, but I LOVE it! I spent a lot of time looking at my nails for the week I had it on. The glitter in this one seemed to show way more than the glitter in the purple 'Prism'. And there was duochrome here, which was absent with 'Prism'.

11 June 2012

China Glaze 'Prism'

China Glaze 'Prism'

China Glaze 'Prism'

China Glaze 'Prism'

Wow. These China Glaze Prismatics are pretty freaking awesome. I love the multi-colored glitter in a glittery base.

This is two coats of 'Prism' and a coat of Poshe over three coats of SensatioNail 'Purple Orchid' and topped with a coat of Gelish topcoat. (I wasn't at all happy with 'Purple Orchid', could you tell? I only kept it two days.) Top picture is in the sun; bottom two are in the shade.

Seriously, if you don't have any of these yet and you like glitter, GET THEM. They are super fun. I spent a good chunk of the last week just looking at my nails.

10 June 2012

SensatioNail 'Purple Orchid'

SensatioNail 'Purple Orchid', sunlight

SensatioNail 'Purple Orchid'

Well, this one was a disappointment. In all the packaging, this looks like a nice, dark, warm purple. It's not. It's a cool purple. Very cool. Although the top color shows pink sparkle, it's not visible at all in real life. This isn't what I was expecting, and I probably wouldn't have bought this, had I seen a swatch of it already. However I wanted another dark, non-pink color, and didn't want to wait for shipping.

Possible next addition to my gel collection: OPI Gelcolor Suzy Says Feng Shui. I need a lighter blue. I need some greens, though! And there are very few green gels.

08 June 2012

swatches of my gel collection!

updated gel swatches, sun

updated gal swatches

1. Red Carpet Manicure 'Midnight Affair'
2. RCM ' Plum Up The Volume'
3. SensatioNail 'Taupe Tulips'
4. SensatioNail 'Raspberry Wine'
5. SensatioNail 'Sugar Plum'
6. ProGel 'Trophy Cup'
7. OPI Gelcolor 'You Don't Know Jacques'
8. SensatioNail 'Purple Orchid'

You've seen my nails already with quite a few of these, but I've got one with #8 coming up!