22 February 2014

this week in TartanHeartsLand

I did a few pretty cool things this week.

1. I went to Costco by myself, like a real grown-up.

2. I got to make several heart-shaped jewelry pieces, which I LOVE! The Saltire (bottom, it's the Scottish flag) will be coming soon to my shop. It came out so well. It'd be a great key chain.

3. I've not done any sewing, but I've been doing some sewing prep and figuring out what my next project will be. I have the pattern and fabric to do a Simplicity 1882, but it will be another floor-length Rainbow dress. BUT! I'm thinking I need an every day dress that will see more than the inside of a lodge. I am leaning heavily towards a Sewaholic Cambie and I have a couple of fabric ideas. I really love sweetheart necklines and sleeveless dresses, so I hope it's the match made in heaven that I think it will be. 

Here's Moe helping me lay some fabric out. (It's leftovers from one of my dance costumes from 10+ years ago. I have a little over two yards, I think. I didn't get a chance to actually measure because Moe was too funny.)  

Several people on instagram suggested that he needs a hand-sewn dog bed. NO. No he does not. He prefers the couch, anyway. 

4. I'm going to Stitches West tomorrow! I've gone the last two years and it's a blast! I'll be at the LSG meetup Saturday night, which is never a let-down. I'm amazed Bennigan's lets us come back. 

The fun part about Stitches is that I am now spinning. I'm not looking for yarn at all, but spinning fiber instead. 


  1. Sad to miss you at Stitches this year! Oh, and love the Scottish flag heart!!

    1. I know! <3 It seems like this year was a lot less exciting than the past couple, so I can't say you missed much.