26 February 2008

tangled up in barbed wire love

Since I've had pretty much no attention span lately, I've wanted to work on granny squares. They're perfect, because it doesn't take long to finish one and yet I'm still contributing to a bigger project. They are also great for things like Project Spectrum. I love looking at what squares and yarns I already have and getting them to work for the month's colors.

granny square mosaic

As for layout goes, in the end I want to have things looking very random. I don't want any two squares of the same color touching. Which makes things a little hard. I also am trying to avoid two solid squares next to each other. In these pictures, I didn't pay very much attention to that, and I now notice a lot that shouldn't be together. It's really hard to do, especially when there are a lot of squares with 4 colors, and a lot of similar colors throughout.

laid out. granny squares leftovers

These aren't final. I just wanted to lay things out and get a visual for what I've got done. Like I've said, they will also all have a round of black before they're seamed together.

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