27 May 2014

Me Made May Week 4 round-up

I really started to run out of steam this week. My Me Made-wardrobe just isn't big enough! Obviously, I'm working to rectify this problem! I have worn every large garment that I've made, the only things I haven't worn are socks and shawls. Which, I have a million of both, but are too hot to wear in 90°+ weather. However ...

Day 18 - I wore wool socks to bed! I live with someone who likes it much colder than I do, so occasionally I wear ridiculous things or use an electric blanket during the summer. These are the first pair of socks I made from my own handspun yarn. This was Fat Cat Knits BFL that I won in their Rav group's super awesome birthday raffle. I never win things!

Day 19 - Datura. Again. I wear it all the time.

Day 20 - no photo. Tuesdays are my cleaning/jewelry work day. I did cut out a new Cambie this day: 

Day 21 - Tattooed Grandpa dress + the best hairstyle ever. It's great for 2nd or 3rd day hair for curly hair!

Day 22 - Although I didn't wear it all day, I wore my first Cambie to look for fitting issues to correct in my second version. (I fixed my weird uneven sleeve issue and moved the sleeve/strap attachment point inward.) This dress is really, really comfortable despite being kind of crazy. I need a version that isn't so much. 

Day 23 - I wore the Ladybug Datura. Again I wear both Datura blouses at least once a week. I also did my final fittings for this Cambie and sewed it all up. Above, it's pictured without the lining. It fit really well, and I was worried that the lining would make it bulky or lumpy. 

Day 24 - White Datura again. I literally took one picture all day, and it was at my F-not-IL's 50th birthday party. I do love Crown Royal. 

Day 25 - NEW CAMBIE! As well as my EZ Camping Shawl, knit in 2011 and one of my unicorn necklaces. Cambie looks great with the lining, and it helped with the bit of horizontal line stuff that was going on. It is SUCH a comfortable, awesome pattern. Despite being a little more on the fancy side, (I am a girl who wear jeans and a band shirt 90% of the time) I want a million versions of it to wear all the time. I put really fun pockets in it that I need to photograph. 

I was beating myself up a bit about falling off the wagon this week, but it turns out it wasn't so bad. We're in the homestretch now! 

*items in this post were won by me at no cost, though this did not affect my posted review/opinion. 

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