30 March 2014

"Hey, you're wearing a green dress. What, are you Irish? I bet you're Irish." FO: Dolly Cricket dress!

Nothing to disclose.

Cricket dress + sweater

I finally did some fancy pictures for my Cambie dress. I decided to enter it into Sew Dolly Clackett, so I took a page out of Dolly Clackett herself's book and took pictures in front of my front door. Glad all my little plants are blooming! 

Cricket dress

The need for the big skirt.

This was why I added extra fabric to the skirt: to be able to wear it to dance in on St. Patrick's Day. Holding the skirt is part of all of my favorite dances. This is me on the local news dancing in the dress: http://www.news10.net/videos/life/2014/03/17/6549351/

Cricekt dress + Moe

I'm a sucker for a dress with pockets.

I'm not a sucker for a dress that puts the "ass" in "massive", and this does. I didn't add that much to the skirt, so I have to assume that I'm not the only one with this problem. Especially because the waistband hits below my natural waist, it really makes the lower half of the dress look BIG. The fabric design doesn't help. If I remade this, and I very well might, I would definitely take fabric out of the skirt or do view A. This has actually reverse-inspired me to make some pencil skirts and tighter fitting things because this is so big. The fit could have been better, but I always consider the first item done from a pattern to be a muslin. You never know how you will feel about fit until you put in a zipper and wash it a few times and wear it all day long. I know that for future Cambies, tighter is better in the bodice. I will probably wear a belt with it, too, but haven't tried that yet.

I do love this dress and plan to wear it to a lot of the Celtic events that I attend, when I'm not wearing dance costumes and the like. I LOVE that I can wear a "regular" bra with it, and I've been meaning to put some ribbon strap-holders in the shoulders. It's very comfortable to wear and despite being pretty out there (i.e. covered in shamrocks and clover) no one has said anything weird or otherwise about it.

Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie
Fabric: Heather Ross Briar Rose Cricket Clover in Yellow Clover (quilting cotton)
Alterations/Mods: added fabric to skirt
Dress stats: fully lined, vintage metal zipper
Cost: fabric $15, pattern $24 ($18+shipping), zipper - stash = $39
Started 2/27/14, finished 3/02/14

Verdict: Dress B+, Pattern A

11 March 2014

Second sewing FO: Cambie!

nothing to disclose



Pattern: Sewaholic Cambie
Fabric: Heather Ross Briar Rose Cricket Clover in Yellow Clover (quilting cotton)
mods: added fabric to skirt

I feel in LOVE with this fabric the instant I saw it. I work in an Irish pub; I have a shamrock tattoo; I needed this fabric like air. I had a hard time choosing what color I wanted, since there were 3. The others had a more chartreuse green, and had I been able to see them in person I probably would have picked one of them. But going only off pictures on the internet, I knew this would be a safe bet. (And thank you to Anna for getting it to me!)

I used a vintage zipper that belonged to a family friend whose sewing stash I inherited. It is a metal zipper painted white, that has quite a lot of wear but looks really neat. It quite clearly had been used in a previous garment and removed. I did an exposed zip although I don't have any pictures of it.

I'm pretty happy with the fit of the dress. It could be better, but I was erring on the side of being not too tight because the muslin seemed tight. It doesn't bother me enough to take it in, but if I make another one, I will make the bodice tighter below the bust. The sleeves/straps are GREAT! I love not having to worry about wearing a specific bra for a dress or even a strapless one. I could probably even wear a sports bra for when I dance on St. Patrick's Day.

Verdict" A+ would make again