15 June 2014

Dropping a Bomb(shell)

I've lost it. 

I don't have a serger. 

I've never sewn knits. (besides mattress stitch)

I've never sewn slippery fabric. 

But I'm makin' myself a damn bathing suit. Hell, I've already got the lining fabric. (I'd have the outer fabric but I couldn't choose between green or grey.) 

So far, I've decided on view A. I like the more vintage-y look. 

What convinced me to make this baby is the fantastic sewalong that the pattern designer did. The instructions themselves are pretty thorough, but this really knocks it out of the park. Since I haven't started sewing yet, I can't say everything is covered but it certainly looks that way. 

I'm so excited about this that I even announced it on facebook, so I'm in deep. I'd been bathing suit shopping (casually) for about two months and had very little luck finding things that were A) cute B) flattering and/or C) under $100. Frustrating! I'm so happy to be enthusiastic about a bathing suit. I love swimming and have a vacation at a lake planned for mid-July, so this was a need. 

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