31 January 2012

1970s-esque mani

70s mani

Sometimes you copy something and like your version more than the original. This is Sally Hansen Fairy Teal stamped with Orly Luxe and BM201. It's a rip off of this manicure from the Nailsaurus. I LOVE how this came out, and I like it more than the original mostly because of the darker background color. 

03 January 2012

Gradient dyed yarn, partially knitted up.

Gradient-dyed sock in-progress

Gradient-dyed sock in-progress

I'd apologize for the itouch photos, but that's what happens when you're still knitting the socks on Christmas Day. If I hadn't spent two hours in the car, I wouldn't have had them done on time. I detest gifting non-blocked socks, and I had to in this instance. Luckily, they were for my grandma who would appreciate them no matter what! I was also in luck that she prefers short socks. My issue now is that I have two balls of white with little bits of blue leftover. I may overdye green with the same method and make myself short socks.

The yarn is very pretty knitted up. From a distance it looks like a Monet. I'd really like to try this with a non-white based yarn. Just think, start with orange and dye black for Giants socks!

02 January 2012

I changed my blog name and URL!

You'll probably need to update your RSS reader, if you use one to follow me! I needed to get all of my stuff working towards the same goal and not be doing 49305432 different things under 435432 different names. Now they're all me! TartanHearts ornament