06 March 2012

Tattoo Much

Sally Hansen Salon Effects Tattoo Much

These are Sally Hansen Salon Effects strips in 'Tattoo Much'.

I can say a couple of positive things:
1. Application and the product were fine. As always, applying these is different than just slapping on some polish and they do take some practice to perfect.
2. I always put a topcoat over these and recommend that you do, too. It really helps take them from feeling a little weird or thick to making them feel like actual nail polish.

However, these did not even last 24 hours. They were too much! They look a LOT better in the package, and it really bummed me out that by having short nails I was only getting one part of the pattern over and over. I barely saw any roses on the nails.

Verdict: love the strips, hate the design.

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