19 March 2012

Disneylandy mani featuring Minnie Mouse

Minnie Mouse manicure

When you're going to Disneyland, you need to be appropriately attired. The finishing touch on that for me is themed polish!

This is:
one coat Nailtiques 2+
two coats Milani 'Ready to Wear Red'
stamped with LA Colors white and BM19
Minnies are freehanded with Sinful Colors 'Black on Black'
Minnie's bows are also freehanded with Milani 'Ruby Jewels'

(And no, my right hand did not look anywhere near as good as this. I also smeared the best Minnie by putting topcoat on too quickly.)

Here it is in context with the whole outfit and WITH MINNIE!

Claire, Minnie, and I

Next time, Diasy Duck manicure for sure. Daisy is my homegirl.

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