11 March 2012

St. Patrick's Mani #4: Icing 'Evergreen'

Icing 'Evergreen' Icing 'Evergreen'

This is:
one coat Nailtiques 2+
three coats Icing 'Evergreen'
one coat Poshe top coat

If you love nail polish, and you love glitter, you need to go to Icing. I know I posted about their Magnetix polish (totally worth the $9!), and I initially ventured in there for it. I found a GOLD MINE of amazing glitter polishes. I picked up three of them, because they fit my March green polish thing: Icing 'Lemme See Your Peacock', 'Happy Go Lucky', and 'Evergreen'.

Icing 'Evergreen' with 'Happy Go Lucky' and 'Lemme See Your Peacock' in back.
From l to r: Icing 'Lemme See Your Peacock', 'Happy Go Lucky', and 'Evergreen'.

'Lemme See Your Peacock' is blue, green and hot pink medium-size hex glitter in a clear base.

'Happy Go Lucky' is big green, silver holo, and gold holo glitters in a clear base. BEST GREEN GLITTER EVER!

'Evergreen' is a forest green jelly with forest green and gold micro glitter suspended in it. It reads a lot greener in the bottle than it does on the nail, as you can see. The gold glitter, which is too big to call shimmer and definitely too uniform to be called fleck glitter but looks almost like a fleck glitter on the nail, really makes this color shine. I just wish it had been as green as it looks in the bottle.

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