09 March 2012

St. Patrick's Day Mani #3: Icing Magnetix Green

Icing Magnetix - green

This is:
one coat Nailtiques 2+
two coat Revlon Top Speed 'Emerald'
one coat Icing Magnetix green
one coat Poshe top coat

If you haven't tried magnetic polish, run out RIGHT NOW and get some. Seriously. It is really, really neat.

I like these polishes a lot, because they have a totally interesting design where I end up looking at my nails a thousand times a day but it's not glaring or super high contrast. The magnet on these is fairly easy to use. It has a cuticle rest, which makes it a lot easier than having to just hold it above the nail. I did hit my nails a couple times, as you can see on the pinkie nail. It was pretty

Since it's March, this was my St. Patrick's mani #2. I'm dying to try the gold magnetic polish, but it'll have to wait a week. And that's okay by me. I do LOVE green nail polish!

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