22 March 2010

back on the sewing wagon.

I've got a sad, crappy little sewing machine that sat unused for YEARS. I got it for Christmas my sophomore year of high school when I was taking a sewing class. This same class is the one that inspired me to knit because I am so unbelievably terrible at sewing. This is her:


This year, kind of out of the blue, I got inspired to sew again. After at least five years. Between all the amazing projects that the knitterly and crafty types have been churning out and the numerous costumes we need, I had to get back into it. (Really, what I'd love to do some day is make myself a white Lilt dress out of crepe back satin. Let's all hold our breath for that!)

I ended up at a fabric store with is, no joke, on the same block as my favorite restaurant. I knew where they both were, but never related the two. They had the absolute coolest fabric I've ever seen! Yeah, that's really a bunny torturing a raccoon!


Also found some super cute plaid, and decided to make myself a skirt for St. Patrick's Day. This turned into making a new Aboyne outfit, minus the vest. (Because I am NOT up for sewing velvet. Heck no.)

fabric for St. Patrick's Day skirt Pressing the hem.

I ended up using about 3 1/2 yards for the skirt, and I honestly could have used double that and been happy. (I thought that would be a lot, but this was a fairly lightweight fabric.) I put in a deep hem to add weight to the bottom and it worked wonderfully. It did take me forever to hem, because I sewed it by hand.

Here it all is in action:
this was one of those smiles.

In this one you can kind of see the plaid (shawl-thing) that I spent hours making fringe on:
Scottish Lilt

And just for comparison's sake, here are new and old next to each other:
aboyne comparison
I have to say that I like blue and green better than blue and red, just purely color-wise.

I'm heading to the fabric store again tomorrow. Between wanting to make box bags and an infinity dress, who knows what I'll come back with!


  1. Yay for sewing! I love the comparison of the new and old aboynes... and as I said before, I love the new one! Looks great!

  2. I'm always impressed with people who can sew. I was so bad at it in school that I started a movement to allow girls in my school to take wood working. I could make a lamp, but I couldn't make a dress to save my life.

  3. What fabric store are you finding this great stuff at?

  4. If you check back here, I got the fabrics at High Fashion Fabrics on Franklin Blvd in Sacramento, CA.