19 April 2008

ew. in my backyard.

I hate when things shake my sense of security. I'm admittedly pretty paranoid, but there are a lot of things I don't worry about. Too much.

Dying via spider bite is usually not one of them. (This is your time to stop reading/looking if you really hate spiders. I don't want to give anyone nightmares or a panic attack!)

Now, don't let that make you think I'm not freaked out by spiders. I totally am. But I normally just want them to not crawl on me or my stuff.

This was not the case yesterday, when I found this little lady in my backyard.

fuck spiders. (10/365)

Yeah, that red hourglass on her abdomen tells you she means business.

Her 6" (at least) web was underneath a downspout right off our patio. Less than six feet away from our back door. Less than six feet from where my dogs sleep. Right next to/under where we often store gloves and tools.

large shot of spiderville. (The photo has notes if you really want to see where everything is!)

Finding a black widow in my compost bin was one thing. There are all kinds of yummy little bug buddies in there to eat. But this just freaks me out.

And I've now given myself the creepie-crawlies! Fuck spiders!


  1. OMG,that made my skin crawl. I'd so be screaming like a little girl if I saw that hanging out in my yard. Good thing you found it....how did you kill it?

  2. *shiver* eeww!! I want to know too, how did you kill it? *shiver* I am glad to hear that you guys are ok too. Snakes really creep me out. But spiders do come close. I keep my gardening gloves in a plastic ziploc bag, and give my bathrobe a good shake before putting it on.

  3. Spiders in general do not freak me out either. Big hairy wolf spiders and spiders with poisonous venom, on the other hand...

  4. Ha ha! I raise 'em in my garage. I saw one yesterday under a box of stuff marked "B27" that must've been the size of a tea saucer. I would not dream of saying to such a formidable arachnid "F spiders," because I have to coexist with 'em. I don't want to worry about them deciding to move into the house to exact revenge on my eardrum when I'm sleeping.
    Good post!