02 March 2012

My Stitches Haul!

This was the first year I've made it to Stitches West, despite knitting for about ten years now. And let me say, I HAVE BEEN MISSING OUT! I had so much fun seeing Christine and hanging out with my fellow LSG girls. Finally getting to meet some of them like Didi and Liz was especially awesome. I must say that I was pretty overwhelmed by it. There was just SO MUCH YARN. Next year, I will actually have some money saved so I can really make the most of it. This year, though, here is what I left with:

Anzula Traditions in 'Ducky'
Anzula Traditions in 'Ducky'.
This company is based out of Fresno, which is pretty neat. You should know by now that I have a thing for yellow, so when I saw this (and also that it was on sale!) I had to buy it.

Little Red Bicycle Hipster Sock in 'Dagon'
Little Red Bicycle Hipster Sock in 'Dagon'.
I love this. In fact, I already have a sock cast on with it. My camera really failed to pick up the green qualities of this yarn. It looks cerulean, but it's really teal. Actual teal, not that turquoise crap that passes for teal these days. I highly recommend checking out LRB yarns.

I also got a copy of One Million Eye(let)s, which is a really awesome scarfy pattern perfect for showing off a cute sock yarn. Since I seem to be acquiring quite a bit of that these days, it will definitely be put to good use.

Not a big haul, but one I'm very happy with. This trip was really more of a learning experience than a shopping one, though I didn't take any classes. I am so ready for next year! Already!

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