05 January 2008

Watch for falling gazebos.

We have had some pretty fucking crazy weather around here! 69+ mph winds and a TON of rain. Our gazebo ended up stuck to our neighbor's roof, and put backyard looks like a hurricane struck. All the chairs and chaise longues are upside down, blown around, or in the pool. A ton of pots are broken. I have pictures, but my camera is in the process of dying. But, we are lucky enough to not have any trees/limbs on our house or car. Driving downtown, there are limbs everywhere and all over there are trees that have totally blown over. The Boy said while he was at work yesterday he saw a bunch of stuff like downed power lines on the wet ground sparking everywhere. He said it looked like it should be in a movie.
I've seen pretty crazy stuff in the past in terms of flooding, but never wind damage like this!

I will have so crafting stuff to post about soon. Really! And some pictures.

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