29 February 2008

and sometimes things don't work out at all.

So long story short, there was a welding-related fire in theBoy's basement last night. The house is okay. No structural damage, just superficial stuff and a lot of soot everywhere. He is out a boat, all his fishing poles, and most of his fishing lures. (He had one backpack with a tackle box and lures in it that was okay, so he says he can "survive" with those.) He is really bummed. The boat was the whole reason he was welding, and now it is useless. He is pretty bummed. (Imagine your stash - GONE!) His house doesn't have power or water until some shit gets fixed.
I spent this afternoon scrubbing soot off walls and mopping floors. (Fire damage fixinf/removal tips welcome! Getting the smoke smell out is going to be a real bitch.) He spent the afternoon hauling burnt shit out of the basement. It sucked.

Be careful. Get a fireproof box to put your important stuff in. (He didn't loose anything more important than fishing stuff and tools, but there is a huge 'what if' factor.) Think about your favorite items, and love them while you can. Things are temporary.

He lost a fishing pole his grandpa gave him when he was a kid, and this makes me want to cry if I think about it for any length of time. To me, things are tangible memories. When I crochet with yarn and hooks that were my great grandma's, I feel such a connection. Seeing so much stuff damaged and worthless makes me very sad. I have a very strong connection to tangible stuff, which is probably why I knit, crochet, scrapbook, and just make things in general.

Please don't almost burn your house down. It's not fun.

And do something fun today, since you won't get another one for 4 years.

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