15 February 2008

C is for ...

fucking crazy! Which is how busy I've been lately. (Notice how I've blogged twice in one week and put up a ton of pictures? That just means I was really supposed to be getting other things done.) I have had at least two different things to do every day, which is not the norm. And I don't mean I had to both do the dishes and vacuum the carpet. I've had appointment and meeting type stuff, as well as dance classes, work parties, practices and helping cook for and serve a dinner for 60-ish people. And I memorized like 3o minutes worth of a speech and said it on Tuesday. No one today when I was supposed to be handing someone as check, I pulled out my school ID/bus pass and started to show it to him. Uh, what? (I also managed, on Tuesday, in the middle of my speaking thing to almost fall down and knock a waist-high pedestal over. I'm not very coordinated, what can I say.) On top of all this, I am one of the co-chairs for planning an event with an expected 600 people in attendance. So let's hope I can keep my head on straight 'til Sunday night when I am done with all this. I am really not good in high stress situations. (Really not good. I just end up frustrated any crying most of the time.)

C is also for cap! I finally took pictures of the Amelia Erhart aviator cap I made in about 2004.
Amelia Erhardt Aviator cap Amelia Earhart Aviator cap Amelia Erhardt Aviator cap
I've only worn it a couple of times because I'm really not a hat wearer, but I do like it a lot. And good god was this thing hard to photograph! It is a challenge to take pictures of the back of yuor own head.
yarn: LB Cotton Ease -the original- in red
needles: I'm guessing a US #5, but it might be a #6 or something in that range
pattern: Amelia Erhart aviator cap
ravelry page

I tried to avoid more obvious Cs like, craft or crochet. Really, I haven't got an crochet WsIP. After that giant freaking afghan, I could use a little break.

C is also for cutting out 600 moons and 1800 stars. Also well as punching footprints in all the moons. That sucked, and I'm still really not done. (And I should be doing that right now!)


Oh my gosh, I can't believe I almost forgot about this. I have the best boyfriend in the whole (fiber) world. You know what he got me for Valentine's day? A ball winder! I've already wound 1/3 of my stash into neat little yarn cakes. I have some pictures. I'm so excited, I've wanted one of these for so long! I love having yarn wound up so that it doesn't roll everywhere. Very helpful, especially on the bus ...


  1. I have always been fascinated by the Amelia hat pattern. I have always wanted to knit it but been afraid it would look to weird. It looks darling on you! I might have to give it a go.

    And kudos to your boyfriend. A ball winder is better than a dozen red roses in my book!

  2. Gosh I mis it up there. I need to visit soon. I didn't think anyone read my blog. Glad you went there to read it. We'll have to catch up soon.