09 August 2007

not my typical crafts

I've been doing quite a bit of embroidery and crochet lately. I'm helping make a quilt for someone, and I have at least 2 squares to embroider. One's already done, and I have one to go.

quilt square detail

I'm thinking I might re-use the swallow from Sublime Stitching that I used on a hankie. It turned out so well, even the satin stitch which I had never really done before. I have yet to really master stem stitch, and chain stitch is just beyond me for some reason.

swallow hankie - steps

I've also been doing quite a bit of work on granny squares. I'm up to about 80. It's fun to be able to put together crazy color combinations without having to worry about it being "too much". It'll only be one square, after all! I'm still trying to figure out what yarn to use for the border. I'm planning on doing another granny row around each square and then a row of single crochet around the whole thing, all in black. The only question is which yarn to choose. I need it to be something cheap-ish because I am going to be using a lot, and acrylic blend at least for ease of washing, but who wants to snuggle with Red Heart?

various granny squares on the floor


  1. Oh I just love that little swallow. So darling.

  2. ha! I've been doing some sublime stitching myself... Day of the Dead theme tea towel...

  3. Kara, thank you! I'm thinking that little swallow is my favorite. I have many plans for it in the future.

    Kaitlyn, I love Day of the Dead stuff, too! And I am dying to get making some tea towels. I think I'm going to start a hope chest for myself, and tea towels would be a real necessity.

  4. Pretty! Enjoy!

    (Get Crafy, Flickr)