20 May 2014

Me Made May - week 3 update

Since this post is being written during week 4, let me say: it's getting hard! My "me made" wardrobe is fairly slim and I'm starting to run out of steam. Looking back, week 3 went pretty well.

Day 11 - Mother's Day and the Sacramento Antique Fair (with my mom, of course) wore my just-finished-the-night-before-and-not-even-washed-so-don't-look-too-close-there-may-be-chalk-marks second Datura blouse.

Day 12 - second Datura again! I only left the house briefly (Monday/Tuesday are my "days off") and I wore crappy yard work clothes most of the day. I slapped this puppy on to go to dinner with friends. 

Day 13 - Rainbow meeting night means clothing I wouldn't wear elsewhere. The dress is my first dress ever (how did I not realize that when I made it? I also never named it) and I knit the sweater a few years ago. I love yellow. Could you tell? 

Day 14 - Movies in the Park shorts and a tank top. It was 100° that day, and I work in a kitchen with no AC. 'nuff said. (also, clearly this was before work!) 

Day 15 - This is why I don't wear nice things- because they're covered up with a dingy apron and smeared in grease! Dresses are nice and cool during hot summers (almost literally) slaving over a hot stove. 

Day 16 - On Wednesdays We Wear Black Dress. Worn on a Friday. Still unblogged. 

Day 17 - I wore BOTH Datura tops. I wore the white one to work with shorts and then the red one to a show. I did not take a picture of either outfit because I had a very busy day that included going to a succulent and cactus show, but I did take a picture of the two tops together. Which one is your favorite? 

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