10 December 2011

The Holiday shuffle begins.

You can tell I have a million things to do because I have instead chosen to procrastinate as drastically as possible by blogging.

I have at least three pairs of socks to knit before Christmas. My sister wants a yarn tree before her Christmas party tomorrow, and the only hot glue I have is black. Not going to work for a white tree. (I'm sitting here debating doing a dark green one, but the white yarn I have is super perfect. Dilemma!)

I am heavily relying on lists and sticky notes.

The last of my hot glue was used making this wreath. This was the cutest garland I could find at the dollar store. I have another wreath form saved for when I can find cuter stuff. Did I ever mention how much actual Styrofoam sucks? Unless you want to look like you have either been playing in the snow or have a horrible dandruff problem. (Hello weird search results people!) Closed cell foam is so much better to work with.

ETA: A good picture of the wreath! 

Five-Minute Wreath

1 comment:

  1. I'm a procrastinator too. It seems the season for it.

    The wreath is darling. Very festive!