10 December 2011

Garlic dip!

If you know me and have been to ANY of my family's parties, you know there is one staple: garlic dip.

It started with my cousin's grandma on the other side of their family and spread. We always thought it was some kind of heirloom thing. She told us recently that it came off the back of a mayonnaise jar in the 60s. No glamourous origin here!

Everyone has their take on this recipe but here are the basics:

- cream cheese, 4 oz
- garlic, peeled, 3-4 cloves
- 1 heaping tbsp mayonnaise
- Worcestershire sauce
- Tabasco sauce
- slice of red onion

Mix cream cheese and mayo. Squeeze garlic through garlic press and add to taste. Add three (or more) dashes Worcestershire and Tabasco to taste. Put onion slice in garlic press and just squeeze juice into dip.
Serve with potato chips.

That's it! Pretty basic.

I generally use almost double the garlic. I LOVE garlic! In one batch I made last summer, I used triple the garlic and a ton of Tabasco and it was great! (Adding a ton of hot sauce without upping the garlic makes it hot with little other flavor, so I wouldn't recommend it.) Definitely take the cream cheese out to soften if you're mixing this by hand. I make this in the Kitchen Aid with the paddle attachment when I can. It can certainly be done by hand but it's a work out! Be careful if adding too much mayo. The texture gets too soft if you do. We always ALWAYS make a double batch. (Which meant in that batch with triple plus garlic, I used like 14 cloves!) it tends to go pretty quickly!

Just make sure that if you have some that your significant other does too. It'll give you some pretty epic garlic breath.

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