16 April 2012

OPI Gelcolor 'You Don't Know Jacques'

OPI Gelcolor "You Don't Know Jacques"

OPI Gelcolor "You Don't Know Jacques"

This is my first foray into gel nail polish and I have to say, I LOVE IT! I work in a kitchen and I do a lot of things with my hands (you know, that whole jewelry thing), so I'm pretty hard on polish. It's been a week, and this stuff is pristine.

However, the application was awful. See how it looks like there is tipwear? Especially on my pinky? That's the way it's looked since she put it on. I really should have taken a picture of how awful my thumb looks. The polish goes across my nail at about a 20° angle. And I have some major peeling on my middle finger (not pictured). All this is, I know, not the gel's fault, but rather bad application. (I got mine done with a friend, and the guy doing her nails told her, when she asked about a dark spot showing through her mani, that is was HER FAULT and from her previous manicure. Sure.)

All of this was worth it, though. It's been amazing to be able to get acetone on my nails and just wipe it off or get other polish on there when doing jewelry stuff with no issues at all. Plus NO CHIPS. For a week!

As I mentioned before, I got stuff to do gel at home. (I have since ordered my own YDKJ gel because I love this.) I can't wait to do my first mani, but I'm not rushing into it. I really want to keep this on until something major happens to it. I clipped off the edge of the peel on my middle finger, and everything has been stable since! The only thing that's bugging me is that it's starting to look grown out. (She left a preeeetty big gap.) Let's see if it will last two whole weeks!

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  1. So I just got my nails done today, with OPI gel color. Had it done professionally and the tips did the same thing. She said she noticed that OPIs gel colors pull back on the tips like that. She even did a third application, focusing on just the tips and it still pulled back. She said the other shellac brands they have don't do that. It doesn't look horrible, but I am bummed that I have the tip-wear look on a fresh manicure.