20 April 2012

my first at-home gel mani!

my first at-home gel mani

my first at-home gel mani

I would definitely call it a success! Honestly, if you're considering gel but avoiding it because you think it'll be a pain, DON'T! The worst part is the removal, and it's really no worse than taking of glitter. (Coincidentally, I'm interested to see how this glitter gel comes off.)

I used the SensatioNail cleanser, primer, and base/top coat with the pictured ProGel 'Trophy Cup' polish (three coats). It was just as easy to do as a regular manicure, and I did possibly my best job ever at leaving "the gap". This is my right hans, and I actually did better on it than the left hand. This is a great color! Very light gold with holographic pieces. It looks almost silver in a lot of lighting.

That all aside, I did my sister's nails last night and boy! It was not as easy as doing my own. Especially because I haven't painted someone else's nails in at least a decade. I also used a less forgiving color (a fairly opaque wine color) which didn't help.

Consider me a 100% total convert to gel. I'm obviously going to use regular polish sometimes, but you can bet that it'll be in conjunction with gel!

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  1. ooh, I love the glittery gold! Your nails look so professional.