10 April 2012


I've got OPI gel (You Don't Know Jacques Gelcolor) on my nails for the first time. It's been 3 days and it's still looking exactly like I just walked out of the shop.

I may have also decided that I LOVE gel, and I've fallen head over heels for it. Naturally, I bought a starter kit.


I bought it at CVS for $59.99 and got a bottle of polish with it for free. (I saw it on the CVS website today for $47.99 on sale.) It comes with an LED light, which I considered a deal because the cheapest one I found was more than $60.

LED lamp

I'm sourcing all kinds of gel polish and stuff now, and am really excited about it. I plan to to the gel + regular polish thing a lot. (Putting on the gel stuff minus the color and putting regular polish over it. I hear that you can get regular polish to last a week this way.)

I'm anxious to be able to try putting gel on myself, but enjoying the fact that the only manicure I've paid for in years is going to last me ~2 weeks.

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