28 February 2012

jumping on the matted glitter bandwagon.

Revlon Midnight with Kleancolor Afternoon Picnic on top, mattefied.

LOVED this mani.

This is:
Nailtiques 2+
Two coats of Revlon Colorstay 'Midnight'
One coat Kleancolor 'Afternoon Picnic'
One coat Poshe fast-dry top coat
One coat Essie Matte About You

I did have to do a little "glomming" on of the glitter, but it wasn't too bad and was totally worth it. I also really liked how the blue ended up giving it a bit of a chalkboard effect.

If you are mattefying your polish without using a topcoat too, and wondering about chipping, ADD A SHINY TOPCOAT under your matte topcoat. It's magical.

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