29 February 2012

I've got Ants in my Pants.

WetNWild Spoiled Ants in my Pants WnW Spoiled Ants in my Pants

This is Wet N Wild 'Ants in my Pants' from the Spoiled collection, which is exclusive to CVS.

Pictured are:
Nailtiques 2+
Three coats of WnW 'Ants in my Pants'
One coat of Poshe topcoat

This could have used about four coats of topcoat. I took it off earlier than I would have because it was getting really rough around the edges. The brush on this polish, which is wide and flat, made this a real bitch to work with. I did a lot of just plopping the glitter onto the nail, sometimes even laying the brush parallel to the nail to really get it on there. (Which isn't unusual for me to do with a glitter.)

This is something I'll probably just use on my toes from now on. It'd last forever as a pedicure!

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