14 October 2013

Is it an addiction if you can't stop buying plants?

I wrote in June about succulents and haven't looked back. I've gone a leeeetle bit crazy. I mean, as crazy as one can get buying plants.

New babies!

This is just one such purchase. I love echeverias and rosette-like succulents in general. I was super excited to find the Perle Von Nurnberg (back left) because I'd been admiring it in photos for quite a while. I'm currently debating whether to plant it outside or not. I also love weird plants of all kinds, like the Baby Toes (back middle), Split Rock (front left) and lithops (front right). My Baby Toes plant is pretty beat up, so you can't really see how creepy they are. The Split Rock got a purple buddy this week, and I'll have a really neat picture of the apothecary jar they were planted in.

What I'm the most excited about are the lithops!


I love these, because they are some of the weirdest and most boring plants on the face of the planet. If you aren't paying attention, you might not even notice that they are plants! Surprisingly, they have a really pretty, daisy-like flower. Of course, they bloom in spring so I will be waiting quite a while for that. Before that, mine will be getting new leaves, which I am also looking forward to.

I'm planning to repot these (about two weeks after their initial planting) to do something like this, in a really beautiful vintage vase:

(image found on pinterest. original source is http://www.solxsol.com/p/11725/)

Expect more succulent pictures and chatter! I repotted a bunch today but didn't take photos.

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  1. Hi Jess! Thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always nice to find someone who enjoys the same things. I hope you're liking your Minie Mouse glitter polish :)