27 October 2013

DIDNEYLAN! (or How I Can Go On Vacation And Still Be Succulent Crazy)

I went to Disneyland. It happens.

Yes, I am a childless (childfree!) grown-ass woman.

Yes, I took pictures with Mickey and Minnie and Goofy and Pluto and Donald. (And Daisy!)

Disneyland 2013

One of the things that I appreciate most about Disneyland is that everything is so detailed and well-done. Everything fits into its theme to a T!

Imagine how delighted I was to look around while I was in Frontierland and discover SUCCULENTS! Everywhere!

succulents in Frontierland!

There were a ton of strawberry pots like this with a huge variety of plants. There were also plants in wall hangers and quite a few in the ground as well. (I also saw quite a few in California Adventure in the Cars Land and Bugs Land sections.) I really wanted to take cuttings because how cool would it be to have a plant that came from a plant growing at Disneyland? I'm too big a square for that. I kept thinking, "If everyone did it, there'd be none left to enjoy."

I always enjoy when two of my interests come together!

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