06 April 2008


I love fish. If I had the time and commitment (and money!) I would have a gigantic fish tank. Or quite a few smaller ones. My dream is to be able to hire someone solely to take care of my amazing fishtanks. It's really a lot of work, especially with the more interesting stuff.

I especially love bettas. They have such personality! They're interested in everything they see. My boyfriend's dad and his girlfriend recently acquired a black fancy goldfish, and they are another of my favorite fish. I decided last week that I needed new fish, and had a really hard time deciding between a couple of fancy goldfish or a betta. I ended up opting for a betta.

looking in the mirror F is for fish.

He was the sickliest one of the bunch the little pet store near my house. But I liked his colors the most. And I knew that with proper feeding and water changes he would be fine. You should see the difference in his colors in just a little over a week! He is so much darker. I think that darker gravel would help, too. He doesn't have a name yet. I've been considering a few different things.

He reminds me of two of the bettas I had last year at about this time.

dscn0921.jpg    dscn0696.jpg    

This new fish is full of personality. He is really inquisitive, and I swear that he was watching the television while I had him in front of it during his tank cleaning!

After looking at pictures on flickr, I really want a black betta. I don't think I've ever seen one IRL. I definitely see how people get addicted to betta keeping. They don't require much of anything, and their upkeep/maintenance is minimal, especially compared with other fish. I want about twelve more, in various colors.

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  1. betta's are really cool! My ex-husband used to (read: tried to) breed them.