20 July 2013

C'est le weekend!

Here are some photos of what I've been doing lately.

I went on a very awesome vacation where I did a lot of spinning.
Spinning by the lake. #tourdefleece #tdf #tdf2013 #ashfordtraditional #day9

TdF day 15-

Finished this while I was there! I plied it the night Tim Lincecum threw his no-hitter. It's lucky yarn!

Moe is bummed that he didn't get pizza for dinner. He was pretty bummed with his kibble. He's trying to guilt me into giving him a slice.
This was tonight's Tour de Fleece spinning, with my little helper.

My succulents are doing well. So is my pitcher plant.

Pitcher plant glamour shots

I found out I can water him with air conditioning condensate which is great! We have a LOT of that this time of year. It's a lot cheaper than distilled water bought by the gallon.

We found a really weird succulent while wine tasting at Ceago Winery in Nice, CA:
Very unusual, interesting succulent at the winery.
I found out later it's a cereus forebesii monstrose. I really wanted to take a cutting, but didn't know how! The winery is gorgeous! There is a beautiful garden and there are lavender fields. Check out their photo gallery if you need some more pretty things to look at.

I've been doing some pretty fun jewelry stuff, too. (Of course. I always am!) Here's a little backstage peek:

One of my pendants is going to Comic Con this weekend! I hope the recipient sends me photos.

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