09 June 2013

Bridesmaid nails!

Wedding manicure

Professionally done. The blue is a Nina Ultra Pro (old style) but I can't find the name. The glitter is China Glaze 'Lorelei's Tiara".

I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid in what was possibly the only non-tacky wedding with red, white, and blue as the colors. I also got to do the jewelry! More on that in a future post. These were my amazing nails. I found the idea on pinterest, of course, although it didn't have a source. (And it only took hours of searching "4th of July nails" and "Red, white, and blue nails" to find something that wasn't totally over the top.) I was originally intending to do this myself, with RCM "Midnight Affair' as the base and employing some nail art stripers. (I have glitter red!) All the bridesmaids got our nails done together so a professional got to do them instead. They lasted really well- this picture was taken on day 6. They survived the rehearsal dinner, the wedding, the wedding hangover, and two cross-country flights. My current gel hasn't done that well! The rest of the bridesmaids went with plain ol' French tips and such. I knew I made the right choice when a couple of guests came up to see what I'd done with my nails because they knew they would be "different". Well, they were!

Here are all the bridesmaid and the bride:

Aren't we adorable? Especially the jewelry and the nails. 

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