06 January 2013

List of tartans I've used for custom orders.

Custom tartans have already been done in these tartans:

Click through any of these for pictures of the finished product.

Alma College (2
Ailsa, Dress Gold (2,

Airisaidh Hebridean, Dress Red
Buchanan (2
Buchanan, Dress Red (2
Buchanan, Dress Turquoise

I've done more, and am constantly updating this page as I make more and get pictures of them. For more pictures, my flickr set of tartan jewelry is here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bessicajach/sets/72157630690543548/ 


  1. I'll do a post on the ones you made for me and send you the link!

    1. That would be fantastic! Thanks so much! <3