25 August 2010

Five Things I Did Today:

black on black
  1. Avoided a girl I went to high school with while having yummy Hawaiian food. And yes, this is a feat worth mentioning.
  2. Ordered Konad stamps so I can really get crazygonuts about nail polish. I’m dying for it to come. I seriously cannot fucking wait.
  3. Left my laundry in the dryer too long and now have to rewash it because it stinks. Yay summer!
  4. Actually caught something that was thrown at me when I wasn’t really paying attention. And, yes, I’m blogging about it. My sister even did a dance when she saw I caught it. It’s THAT unusual. (I have no hand-eye coordination!)
  5. Gave someone a birthday gift I’d love to get. Hell, I may make myself one. (photos to come soon)

1 comment:

  1. haha i always avoid people I went to highschool with...hate that "stop 'n chat" stuff..