21 August 2010

Five things I did today:

  1. Worked my little ass off cooking liver and onions for a 95th birthday party. It was significantly less horrid than I expected and the worst thing that happened was either my own fault or because of a tweaker.
  2. Played with my puppy at my grandma's house. Our bathroom is getting redone and he can't be roaming around and has been in prison (the garage). sleepy puppy tired from sniffing everything in sight.
  3. Spent my Friday night eating Taco Bell with my mom and taking a shower. Also straightened my hair.
  4. Knit a little on a pair of socks I am planning on publishing the pattern for. It's toe-up and I'm knitting the ribbing! Homestretch!
  5. Listened to Dragonfly in Amber on audiobook. I love this series so much. I've read the first three in book form but stalled on number four (Drums of Autumn). Listening is a lot more conducive to knitting, which I like. I wish I could afford an Audible membership to buy the whole series!

1 comment:

  1. liver and onions hey? an acquired taste! :P