23 July 2008

wednesday, july 23

I'm watching a show on the History Channel about the history of jokes. George Carlin is one of the (many) comedians featured, and it makes me a little sad. Maybe more melancholy. I really need to read his books, but I keep forgetting to pick them up. Maybe they will be my gift to myself for my upcoming birthday. This show is hosted by Lewis Black, who I cannot stand. Brian Posehn is also on here, and I love him. I love the show Mission Hill, which is currently on [adult swim] and he does one of the voices.

I'm turning 21 on the 7th. Pretty exciting.

I'm trying to stay up all night in an effort to help my ridiculous sleep schedule and actually get some things done. Hopefully that will happen, because if I fall asleep now I will wake up at around 2:30 in the afternoon.

My blog has really suffered in the past few months. I think it's because I have had a hard time concentrating in general. My attention span is terribly short. I am going to try to start reading again in the hopes that doing one thing consistently for long periods will help me get back to normal. And in the last few years, I really feel like I have been getting less intelligent. I don't know if community college really is sucking the life out of me or what. I don't write letters as much as I used to, so I wonder if that may have something to do with it. I used to write letters every day, and it was essentially like having a diary that someone else read. A diary with a dialog. Shit, maybe I need a pen pal.

I'm also trying to drink more water. This has been a battle for me for years, as I really drink entirely too much soda. I just love soda, and have a hard time not drinking it. So instead of trying to cut it out, I'm just going to try to drink more water, and see where this takes me. I recently read the "rule" that you divide your weight in ponds in half and that's how many ounces of water you should drink during the day, i.e. 200lb person should drink 100oz of water every day. That scares me. I probably don't drink that much water in a month. Not that I weigh 200lbs, either. Still! That would mean I should drink somewhere near 75oz of water per day. That seems like A LOT! I just really don't enjoy drinking water, and I have to force myself to do so. Soda, on the other hand, I could drink like ... well, water!

I'm working on a snood for my sister. Her birthday was yesterday. I hate this freaking thing. The current round is around 500 chain sts. Thrilling work! And this thing is going to need to have the hell blocked out of it. I just hope it turns out well and that Claire likes it. She told me she wanted a snood, and she'd better not have changed her mind. And really, I just like saying the word 'snood'.

My tattoo is healing, and itching like crazy. It woke me up the other morning because it itched so much. The old slapping trick really does not work. I do love the big flakes of color and scab coming off. Yummy!

I did  a bunch of yard work today. It really needed to be done. Pulled some weeds, and started to dismantle my sunflower that is fallen over and just laying on the ground. I didn't have enough room to fit the whole thing in the bin at once, so I'm going to put as many leaves as I can in each day. They're big leaves, some more than a foot across! I'm also putting a bunch of vines that grow through the fence from the neighbors, so the composters (did I mention we have three?) are easily filled. I'm not sure there will even be room for grass clippings after the gardeners come today. Hopefully I can finally harvest one of my bins that had been going unharvested for almost three years. I also stuck some four o'clock plants in the ground in the front yard. They'd been in a pot and were really overcrowded and root bound. They should do well out there, and they have some room to spread. Anyone need four o'clock seeds? There are a million around here! I've got pink, yellow, white, and magenta. I've also got purple morning glory seeds out the ass. In a month or two, I'll probably have a bunch of sunflower seeds. I just need to keep getting outside every day and I need to keep the compost bins moist. I haven't been maintaining or regularly adding to a couple of them, and they're really not even very active. 

There is really nothing to watch at 8 in the morning on a Wednesday. Geez.

Snood is being blocked. I have a little more work after it's done, but this makes me happy. I still have a shawl to finish and one more to dye. What I wear to a wedding in early August is going to depend on which shawl I like better.
from the back. [365.14] i'm trying to get rid of that whole ball.

I'm on day 22 of Project 365. I'm really enjoying it so far. I think twenty-two is the last day I did on my first 365 try earlier in the year. I have a ton of ideas for those boring days when I have nothing better do to (which happens more often than it should), which is a good thing. Having "nothing" to take pictures of is a big reason for me to not even turn the camera on. I really love looking at everyone else's pictures and they are a constant source of inspiration. Plus, I am nosy and I love seeing what the rest of you knitters have going on in your daily lives. It's also really interesting to see how people change over the course of a year. 365 is the reason I'm getting myself (or having someone get me, if I'm lucky) a new camera for my birthday. I can't afford anything fancy, but my old Kodak shit out on me a couple of months ago and I would rather buy a new camera than try to get that one fixed. (So if you have cheap point-and-shoot recommendations, I'd love to hear them!) And if all goes well, I am planning on taking a film photography class this semester, using my mom's sweet 70s camera. I've never used an SLR or developed my own pictures or anything, so it would definitely be a learning experience.

I kind of hate having plain white wool in my stash. I swear it is whispering "Dye me!" over and over, all day every day.

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