04 May 2008

Pay It Forward

When I saw Cher's post about Pay It Forward, I really wanted to take part in it. I love giving (and getting!) fun stuff for no good reason, other than fun. I am one of those people, that when it comes to holidays, gives really crappy gifts. I really need inspiration to strike me. The best gifts I give are the kind that I randomly find somewhere and think, "Oh, this is so perfect for _______!" The other kind of best gifts are ones given for no good reason.

I received Cher's amazing package a couple of weeks ago, and my lazy ass kept forgetting to photograph it. (I had it on my to-do list, which I would forget to look at. Every night I would go to write down what I wanted to do the next day and realize I forgot. Again.) So I finally sucked it up and broke out the poster board and made the most of the late night light I had.

Pay It Forward! (22/365)
cutest card ever! super cute bag lining. i could not get this in focus.

I didn't take close ups of the dishcloth or cup cozy because action shots are always better!

Thank you so much, Cher! I love all this stuff, and felt so special that you looked at my ravelry queue and knit something from it! The day I got this stuff I was sick and really feeling like crap and it really cheered me up.

And now it's my turn to send you some awesome stuff! Just leave me a comment and the first 3 of you to do so will be getting great packages of your own. I don't know how long they will take me (I'm poor!) but I promise you'll get them eventually  and I will try to fill them with awesome stuff you will like. Especially if I already know you and what you like. Just make sure that you do the same once you receive yours. (Post it on your blog and mail 3 handmade gifts to people, that is.)


  1. now that is a great package! I love the little bar of soap and its bag. Such a cute card too!

  2. What a terrific idea. It's nice to get things that other people have made. Thanks for the pictures.