14 November 2007

A million voices with nothing to say.

It has been a long time since I've posted, and it really should have been. I have had a TON of stuff to blog about, and I have thought about it a lot! I'd really like to get back to posting at least once a week. That really shouldn't be too hard.

I've add a couple of current projects to ravelry that I haven't talked about here. First off, there's the grey and black ripple afghan that will go to my boyfriend once it's done. It's Red Heart Supersaver in grey heather and Caron One Pound in black. For something like this, I think an acrylic/wool blend would even be too warm, because this thing is heavy. I love it, though! It's super wide, and is really going to take a lot of yarn.

blurry ripple afghan-in-progress Caught in the act ripple up close.
Basically, I love crocheting afghans. While sitting and working on this, I make plans for who I can make these for in the future. I really enjoy working on things where you're not obsessively counting rows, and worrying about the pattern. This is big enough that I really get into the rhythym during the row, and I am not counting the number of stitches left 'til the end. It's kind of like how it seems like it takes less time to finish a scarf when you work it long-wise instead of short-wise.

I'm also working on some Charade socks with my favorite yarn ever! The wool/elastic combination is AMAZING! So comfortable! I have one sock done, but I'm working on some Holiday socks for the boyfriend before I finish the second one. I only have one #1 circular, damn it!

Charade It's all a Charade.

I highly reccomend this yarn; I will definitely be using it again. It's Knit One Crochet Too's Soxx Appeal, by the way.

I'm working on a little Christmas knitting, if you must know. A couple of scarves and some pairs of Knucks. Maybe a dishcloth here and there, too.

And, as always I have been making a square now and then for the granny afghan. I found and old picture I took with all my squares laid out. This was what I had as of July 30th:

granny squares!

Check it out on flickr, I'm pretty sure the original is huge. Tell me which ones are your favorite, because i know I have mine. I'm doing a lot more squares with 3 or 4 different colors, now. I've already run out of a couple of yarns which is fantastic because my goal is to use it all!

The best thing about my week: I went to my cousin's wedding over the weekend and caught the bouquet! whoo! I won't be the next own the get married, but I was pretty excited. Pictures to come from that soon.

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