04 October 2007

"My favorite punk band is My Chemical Romance."*

One of the absolute most annoying things about going to community college is that there is always someone trying to hand you a flyer, get you to sign a petition, sell you something, or the like. It is so frustrating. In less than a half hour while trying to have lunch, I was bothered by two different dudes trying to get me to buy magazines under the guise of voting for them in some "communications" class. wtf?!
I wish I were a little scarier looking! I need face tattoos or something. I look way too nice and these people always make a beeline to me!

The other annoying thing about community college is that there is a high percentage of people in places like the library, computer lab, and cafeteria with offensive body odor.


I really have been trying to make an effort to post more than once a month. Clearly, that has not panned out. But I have been incredibly busy lately. I have thought a lot about blogging, but hadn't put finger to the keyboard 'til now.


I've been doing a little more embroidery, with the swallow again. I love him! I put him on a quilt square, and on a hoodie! He's on the left front.

a whole flock of swallows!
There's a blue bird on my shoulder.

The quilt square isn't done but the hoodie is, and I really need to take a FO shot. I was planning on doing that today, but plans have changed a bit.
I really enjoy embroidery quite a bit, and the results are fantastic. I just wish things came a little more naturally to me. For some reason, chain stitch is just not my friend. Nor is stem stitch. And those are the pretty ones!

I've been doing a bit of knitting (to be discussed in a future entry concerning Socktoberfest) and quite a bit of crocheting, that really deserves its own post.

I actually really need to go through and photograph all my WIPs and update them here and on Ravelry. I feel like the stuff that I talk/photograph/post a lot about while it is in progress never goes well. (i.e. Mariah!) I never want t jinx it!


*This is what the first guy trying to hit me up for cash said today, when he asked me what kind of music I listen to and my response was punk rock. I told him that I didn't think My Chemical Romance was a punk band. Then, I asked him if he'd heard of Rancid, he said yeah. (Who hasn't heard of Rancid?!) His response: "So you listed to like that screamo stuff?" Uh, no.
I should have told him I listen to death metal ...


  1. That swallow is so darling. I can see why you put him everywhere.

    Did you have to use a stabilizer for your hoodie embroidery?

  2. My Chemical Romance is Pop punk at best. That lame @ss was...well lame.

  3. Well written article.