05 November 2013

Fountain Pen Day!

Fountain Pen Day pen rotation

(I do know I'm 4 days late. Shhhhh!)

My rotation for Fountain Pen Day 2013 (left to right):
Platinum Preppy fine/03,
 Noodler's Nib Creaper flex in Carniolan Honey,
 Lamy Safari Apple Green 2012 LE fine,
 FPR Dilli flex pen,
 Noodler's Ahab flex in Hudson Bay Fathom's Blue,
 Platinum Preppy 05/medium purple,
 Serwex 162 fine,
 Noodler's Clear Nib Creaper.

I'm probably cheating here because I hadn't cracked the purple Preppy cartridge yet, but I plan to soon, so I left it in. I have a rainbow going and I now need some red/pink and maybe a little black  to complete it.

It's not really fair to tell you what inks are here because you can't see them but they are:
Blue Platinum cartridge
Private Reserve 'Avacado'
Noodler's 'Heart of Darkness'
Noodler's 'Black Swan in Australian Roses'
Diamine Oxblood
Purple Platinum cartridge
De Atramentis 'Plum'
Noodler's Antietam

*All products here were purchased by me for my own use and review. 

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