11 March 2013


I have something to show you guys that I am SO EXCITED ABOUT! I can barely believe that *I* am responsible for this.

the Little Mermaid nail art

the Little Mermaid nail art

Ariel detail

Ariel's hair and shell bra detail

mermaid scale nail art

These babies are my DISNEYLAND nails!

I did so much I'm not sure where to begin.

My right hand (and my left middle finger) is a custom mixed of soak-off gels because I didn't have the perfect color. It's mostly RCM "Who Are You Wearing" and "Dress for Success" mixed, with a little white added in. I stamped it with RA-111 and Urban Outfitters "Green Holo" (so creatively named).

My left hand went a little like this:
Thumb: Ariel's hair using SensatioNail "Taupe Tulips" as a base with L.A. Colors red and red glitter nail art stripers plus LA Colors "Hi-Lite" striper and a teeny bit of Ulta "Sun-Sational" for the star. It's hard to tell in the pictures but the two yellows gave the star a bit of depth.

Index finger: Shell bra! Using SensatioNail "Taupe Tulips" as a base and OPI "Funky Dunkey" and an unnamed love&beauty purple for the shells. It was way easier than I expected it to be! This is what I thought would be the most difficult and it ended up being a breeze. There may be more nail art in my future!

Ring finger: FLOUNDER! Used SensatioNail "Taupe Tulips" as a base and completely covered it with Ulta "Sun-Sational" and painted the stripes using L.A. Color stripers in "Blue Glitter" and "Teal Glitter" (more creative names).

Pinky: Sebastian's eyes used Sally Hansen "Red My Lips" as a base and a dotting tool with black and white. Pretty simple but so perfect!

Basically I'm so excited about this I can barely make words! I found several Little Mermaid manis via Pinterest (of course!) and put together what I thought was cool and what I thought I was actually capable of doing with my very limited nail art skills. I borrowed mostly from these two from The Nail Network and Nails at Home. I also was really inspired by this one and the less literal take on everything.

Because a Disneyland trip isn't complete without PICTURES here are a couple more:

#DIDNEYLAN @seeingaliens @bachbach916

We found them by accident. #DIDNEYLAN @bachbach916 @seeingaliens


I missed the exclusive 15-minute preview of Oz that was playing in CA Adventure but I ended up seeing it yesterday. It was great! The original Wizard of Oz is my favorite favorite favorite movie (followed by the Little Mermaid) and while this one didn't come close, I did like it a lot. I've never done Oz-themed nails, so that may be in the works.

Up next: St. Patrick's Day greens!

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