05 February 2013

Zoya "Storm"

Zoya "Storm"

This is CND Stickey base coat, Gelish base coat, three coats of Gelish "Black Shadow", Gelish top coat, one coat of Zoya "Storm" and Jordana Quick Shine top coat.

I've been going through a big dark nail polish phase and this is perfect! Black with just enough brightness. This polish isn't as super fantastic in low light, but in the sun it GLOWS. If you aren't into dark polish, this one probably isn't for you. If, like me, you could wear dark polish every day and never get tired of it, you should probably pick this one up.

I was amazed that this only took one coat over the gel. Usually shimmery/small glitter polishes are pretty streaky with only one coat but this wasn't at all. I've done a bit of color-on-color type layering and this stands out of the crowd.

This polish is part of my first ever Zoya purchase- I got this one (Storm), Shawn, and Ivanka. I'm very impressed with the quality of these polishes and I *will* be buying more Zoya in the future. I guess I finally see what all the fuss is about! And with all the awesome promos they have, you can't beat it!

*All products featured here were purchased by me for wear and review.

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