19 August 2012

Vending! Like, in person!

Last night I had my first experience vending at an event rather than online. It was pretty neat, even for a introvert like myself. And I made enough to cover the entry fees, so I consider that a success! (And considering that it was a pretty low-key event, that was good!)

My major failure was forgetting my cellphone. It's pretty hard to use one's really cool Square credit card reader on your phone if your phone is twelve miles away. This also meant that I was unable to take pictures of my final set-up. :( To add insult to injury: I thought about bringing my camera but didn't because I'd be able to take pictures on my phone. Next time!

Here are a couple of pictures from while I was getting things together in the living room.



Final set-up was different than both of those, and it's sort of amazing how much jewelry I actually have!

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