04 January 2008

Rain, rain go away!

It going to be raining for the next week in my neck of the woods. Which is fine. It's much better than snow, and really, we need it! But it's also going to be windy which SUCKS!

detailed weather

Gusts around 65 mph after midnight. Which is right now! It basically sounds like the roof is going to come off. So I'm comforting myself by listening to my ipod rather loudly through headphones. I'm good with thunder and lightning and all that jazz but wind just fucks with me.

Hope things look better where you are!


  1. Unfortunately, not better here. I'm up in the mountains and it's wind, rain, power outages, and snow. (well, obviously the power came back on again, or I wouldn't be online googling weather posts. California weather is so much fun. Hehe.

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