18 September 2007

The way things are going, they won't be going far.

We are getting a new roof. Which will be great, when it starts raining and we won't have to worry about having a leaky roof anymore. But at this point, it just means a bunch of sweaty guys on my roof at all hours of the morning making all kinds of noise. And, you may not know this, but I am NOT a morning person. I should already be in bed so as to get sufficient sleep before they show up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.
I keep reading about the ideas for next year's Project Spectrum (okay, maybe just ravelry and flickr, but what else matters?!). I must say, I really dislike the "elements" scheme. I think it works better to just look at a color, and then find all the little things of that color in your life. If you set out with it already relating to something, say blue for water, then someone else is doing the creative thinking for you. Also, if it's called Project Spectrum, it should focus more on the colors themselves and how they relate to each other. I am a big fan of the complementary colors scheme. Though no one else seems to be. ...

I'm really not sure where that rant came from.
Since the weather 'round these parts is finally bearable, I've been doing a lot more gardening. For a while, I was really having to force myself to even go out and water. It's just about the time to start planting winter/fall stuff. We have such a mild winter that a lot of plants used as annuals other places are perennials here. Everything picks up a little bit around here at this time of the year, mostly because it's still warm but no longer so opressively hot. Sadly, that means everything is covered in whiteflies and caterpillars. But it also means everything is doing well and doesn't need to be watered twice a day.


The morning glories are taking over. I absolutely love these purple ones, called "Star of Yelta". They also have pretty foliage; the leaves look like hearts!


This lantana is going crazy. And these butterflies are around in flocks. There are probably 15 on this lantana at any given time. There are also a ton of damselflies around, which is great. They're hard to photograph, though.

Knitting-wise, I was dying to kit with my newly acquired Soxx Appeal, so I cast on for knitty and Cookie A's Hedera socks.


I flew through it, turned the heel, and swiftly realized that I will run out of yarn before I have a finished sock. This is why I hate top-down socks! I am trying new things now, and they are te-up and not lace. Why wants socks that already have holes in them, anyway?
[photos and specifics to come.]
A quick note: the one thing I dislike about blogger is that I can't email back when people comment. So if you leave a comment, I'll respond to it on my own commnets page. I just with there were an easy way to keep up with what you've said on other people's blogs (like flickr's 'comments you've made' feature. I love it.).

Also, if you can name the song I quoted, I might have a surprise for you. ( I should mention that it's the title that's lyrics. You don't have to hunt through the whole post to find it!)


  1. Your so close to me and we have never knit together. I think a meeting is in order. I notice your not 21 yet, so my favorite knitting spot is out of the question. But how about a close second at Java Lounge? They started having knitting Tuesday night last Tuesday. I think they are going to have it every month.

  2. meg,
    I agree! The only problem is I don't drive so it's hard for me to get around. But definitely do-able, especially in downtown. Tuesdays are only good for me on the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month. And for some reason, I can't remember where Java Lounge is, but I know that I know!