29 September 2010

Emelie and a snoodle.

Emelie in progress

Working on an Emelie cardigan. I love yellow, so this is perfect for me. Hopefully I'll finish it before the cool weather comes. (Which for me means that I hope it stays warm for a long time. I'm not a big fan of winter.)

I've made about a thousand mistakes in the left side lace, even though it's stupidly simple. I keep forgetting what row I'm on and repeating row three and not noticing until I do row five. And fucked if I'm frogging two rows to fix a YO. So it's going to be a little wonky. I don't imagine that it will bother me, so I'm ok with that.

My only problem is that I hate the construction of this thing. Bottom-up, with sleeves picked up and knit top-down. STUPID. Stupid stupid stupid. I wish I wasn't too lazy to do the math and make it either top-down or sleeves cuff-up, but I am. I am into the look of set-in sleeves, though. I just wish they were knit-in and not picked-up.

Also, I finished a snood last night. I need to take pictures. It's crocheted!

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  1. Oh it is perfect in yellow. I hate how some patterns can be so annoying. But the result will be cute!